June 2017

From the President
WOW!!! Where is the spring and summer going??? Here we are almost mid-June already and the season is half over!! Such a super busy time and haven’t seen some of the Midwest folks as yet!! April Rally at Indian Lake was wind and rain, and a relatively small group .. May at Sauder Village brought twice as many of us together and of course…..Rain (which seems to find us at some point almost every time) LOL and Wind….(oh my….so windy some of us couldn’t even put out our slides for fear of ripping awnings off…and then there was the “COLD”, we all thought we were camping in late November rather than late spring..but we still managed to have an awesome time together as we always do.. and absolutely no lack of places to EAT.. which we all seem to do well. We even got a fantastic campfire in on Saturday night and even the weather seemed to start co-operating so that we could fellowship together. That brings us to June and an opportunity to go to Michigan..haven’t heard any news on it, but I am sure a great time was had by all that had the chance to attend. Ray and I were not able to go but did have a wonderful time celebrating with his friends at his 50th High School Class Reunion. They are a great bunch and some of them even remind me of a few of our Midwest friends..maybe we can talk them into getting an RV and joining us!!!

As we get to the business side of things, we did discuss some things of importance to our Midwest Members… At the upcoming International Convention at Indianapolis, Indiana, there will be a major item on the voting table…..that is…whether we, the members of FMCA, would consider allowing towables to join us in membership. Please read the entire letter about how this would help our organization from FMCA National President Charlie Adcock that has run in the last two issues of the FMCA. Be sure to let us (your board), know your yeas or nays so we can inform our National Director (Sallie Hosack) before the meeting in Indianapolis. Another item brought forth was that Allen and Sharon Jackson, who have published our membership directories for several years, are no longer able to continue because of other obligations, so we immediately went on the search of new folks to take over that task….AND!! around the campfire we lured some NEW FRIENDS (who were actually attending their very first rally with us)…to takeover……WELCOME Jim and Charlotte Godsey who graciously accepted this job. Charlotte has a lot of experience that coincides with this type of job. Allen has agreed to help in any way he can to make a smooth transition. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Allen and Sharon for all they did to keep the directories up to date. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,!!!!! and…..get back to Midwest camping soon!! WE MISS YOU. We also, passed a vote to make Don and Lois Shook lifetime members of Midwest Coachmen. They have been with members of Midwest Coachmen since 1986. Even though they will not be traveling anymore, we feel they are a permanent part of our group and should be honored as such. That is all I have to share with you all for now…but will catch up after the National with any exciting happenings. Again, if any of you have anything you’d like me to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email at Bowenraycher@frontier.com or best of all stop in for some coffee and a chat!!!

Ray and I both agree (which is a feat in itself) that our ultimate goal is JUST HAVE FUN !!! Till our paths cross down the road……

President’s Message

October, 2016


President’s Message

We just returned from a weekend at the Shelby KOA Resort working on the details for our September, 2017 rally. Gary and Vicki Cole, the owners, were great hosts and paid attention to our Chapter’s needs. It is a beautiful campground and we are sure you will enjoy the level, pull­ thru sites, 50 amp service, water, sewer, cable and the other amenities offered by this KOA.

If you already read part of my message on Facebook, please ignore at least the first part of my message.

Congratulation to Cheryl Bowen our President-Elect and Jerry Gulley, our new Vice-President­ Elect for 2017. The Nominations Committee presented the two candidates for election at our October 2, Business meeting held at the Mercer Co. Fairgrounds in Celina, Ohio. They will officially be inducted at our December 2, Christmas Luncheon.

Your Leadership Team for 2017 includes the following members:
President – Cheryl Bowen
Past President – Ken Kerik
Vice-President – Jerry Gulley
National Director – Sallie Hosack
Treasurer – Doug Erman
Secretary – Martha Boice
Newsletter Editor – Pat Gottfried
Webmaster – Lynda Kiliany
Directory Editor – Carol Barr

These are the MWC members who will continue the work that makes MWC one of the greatest Chapters in GLAMA and FMCA.

In one of her first unofficial actions, Cheryl has appointed Ken and Marilyn Kerik as the new Rally Coordinators replacing Steve and Gerry Juliano who have stepped down after almost 10 years of service to our Chapter. Without their work, we would not have had the terrific rallies planned each year. Thanks again, Steve and Gerry for the adventures and the memories.

Ken and Marilyn are working now on putting the 2017 Rally Schedule together and will share it in this newsletter for you.

Also a huge thank you to Alan and Sharon Jackson for their work on our Membership Directory over the past years. Especially unique was the 2015 issue with the celebration of our 50th anniversary and including the history of MWC and its founders.

Carol and Roy Barr have agreed to continue their work and Carol is asking that any member who needs to update their information to contact her by January 1, 2017. She can be reached at: (330) 323-7719 cell or (330) 492-5089 home or e-mail at carolnroy@gmail.com.

The New England trip in August was completed by 11 of the most adventuresome members of the Chapter. The Black Bear Campground, located in Salisbury, Mass. was an excellent home base for the travels of the group. The trip to Massachusetts was a two day trip with most staying overnight on the way and upon return. Martha’s Vineyard, Salem Mass.,Rockport, Maine, Boston,Mass. were just some of the points of interest that were visited. Unfortunately, we had to cut our visit short when notified of the failing health of our mother and almost made a non-stop trip back to Ohio to be with her. She passed just after we got back. There were several mechanical problems and issues that plagued the trip, but most things were fixable and didn’t distract from the fun of the trip. We learned more about TOAD transmissions, brakes, and tires than we ever thought.

With an impending funeral service, we were unable to make the joint rally with the TST’s the first week in September. Never-the- less, 14 MWC members enjoyed the joint rally and Fuzzy Overbeck, President of TST, expressed in their October Newsletter, that the rally was one of the best he had ever experienced, from breakfast on the river to the great craft project. Our thanks also to the TST’s for a fun filled rally and sharing Lively Lady with us. We have had many positive comments about this joint endeavor from our members.

Our final rally of the season,planned for Lake Loramie State Park, proved to be a nightmare. Most of the sites there were reserved and we found that only nine walk up sites were available that weekend. There was no guarantee that we would have a site there, sooooooo, other campgrounds were explored and we were welcomed by the Mercer Co. Fairground in Celina. We were approximately 20 miles from the Octoberfest in Minster, Ohio. Jerry and Margene Dwenger were our hosts and welcomed us with a fish fry at their home. It rained every day and night except for the Sunday that we left for home. That Sunday AM, a large, dead branch fell on our roof and Tom and Sue Well’s roof causing some minor damage.

This rally included the election of new officers for the Chapter. Having served 4 years as President, both Terrye Kolbe and I were term limited and a new President and Vice-President needed to be selected. Terryre Kolbe was not interested in moving up to the President’s position and has been consumed with new grandkids and the marriage of their son this year. A big thank you to Terrye for volunteering to serve as our Chapter’s VP over the last 4 years.

Carol and Roy Barr are planning this year’s Christmas Luncheon. It will be held on Friday, Dec. 2, 2016 at the Galaxy Restaurant in Wadsworth, Ohio at 12:00 PM. This will be our last get together for 2016 until April or May, 2017 when our new season begins. We will soon turn 52 years old as an FMCA Chapter and we are looking forward to the next 48.

It is getting very close to the end of my term as your President. I hope you will join us at our Christmas Luncheon and our soon to be planned Valentine Dinners in FL and Ohio too!

Pres. Ken

National Director’s Report

MWC National Directors Update

By Sallie Hosack

I attended my first FMCA National Convention held in W. Springfield, NY. Things got accomplished in record time, only 3 ½ hours. All motions regarding the budget were approved. Approval was also given to the continued relationship with the FMCA Medical Emergency and Travel Assist Program. Motions to maintain a relationship with RVillage were also passed.

Membership continues to trend upward in part with the RVillage connections. Finances are on an upward trend and membership non-renewals are down.

Emphasis was placed on chapter notification of changes in their rosters as soon as possible. There was approved a $10.00 dues increase effective October 1, 2016.

The Governing Board bestowed the Kenneth T. Scott Pipe Dream’s Award to Jean Pryor, L12913. The Robert Richter Award was given to John Calvo, F25500. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Darrell Gilliland, F153488.

The Executive Board will continue to not take a per diem when traveling by coach beginning April 1, 2016 and through the remainder of 2017. The Governing Board also approved the use of Beacon Truck Wash coupons on a trial basis for members.

I am privileged to represent MWC at these annual meetings and will attempt to keep everyone informed via our Newsletter and business meetings.

For more information on this meeting, you can contact me directly at bizowner53@gmail.com.

Dues are due by January 1st

The 2017 dues for Midwest Coachmen members

are due by January 1, 2017

Dues are $15.00 per coach

The check should be made out to the Midwest Coachmen

Mail to:

Doug Erman
P. O. Box 401
Delphos, Ohio 45833

Anyone who served as a rally master in 2016 will have their 2017 dues remitted by the chapter.

The new social member dues are 50% of the regular dues or $7.50 for this year.

Special notice

by-lawsProposed Changes to the Midwest Coachmen
Revision No. 3
This revision is proposed to update the current bylaws, by adding an Article V, Membership Categories, clarifying the reimbursement of the National Director, clarifying the appointment of a temporary delegate, expanding on the duties of the Treasurer and renumbering of the various Articles due to the changes made.

1. A new Article V would be created entitled Membership Categories. It follows Article IV, Membership and clarifies the categories of membership and adds four new categories: Social, Life, Commercial, and Surviving Spouse or Partner to be added to the Active and Associate memberships.
Article V would read:
Midwest Coachmen shall be comprised of the following membership categories:

a) Active Membership – is any family unit or individual(s), each holding, at least a one third ownership of a qualifying motor coach, and has been issued a specific FMCA number. Active members shall have the right to vote, hold office in FMCA, a chapter or an Area Association (GLAMA), and display the FMCA emblem. Dues for the FMCA membership and Midwest Coachmen membership shall be currently paid, as determined by the FMCA and Midwest Coachmen.

b) Associate Member – is an FMCA member who no longer owns a qualifying motor coach, but continues to pay full dues to the FMCA and Midwest Coachmen chapter. Associate members, shall not be eligible to vote or hold elective office.

c) Life Member – is a member who has rendered significant service to F.M.C.A., the Midwest Coachmen chapter, or the Great Lakes Area Motor Coach Association over an extended period of time. Life membership can bestowed upon an individual(s) by the Executive Board with the approval of the membership. Life members shall enjoy all the benefits of membership but are not required to pay FMCA or MWC dues. An example of a Life member, could be a past officer of the chapter or FMCA, or an individual who has served the chapter in such a capacity to enhance its mission.

d) Social Member – is a member who no longer owns a qualifying motor coach and does not desire to pay dues to FMCA. A retired member shall be required to pay Midwest Coachmen dues in the amount of one half the annual dues of active members. Retired members are not eligible to vote or hold elective office in the chapter.

e) Commercial Member – is a member who owns or engages in a business or activity that supports the motor coach lifestyle. Examples would include RV dealers, suppliers, campground owners, service providers, or organizations that provide services to the RV industry or its members. Dues for commercial membership shall be set at $50.00 per year.

f) Surviving Spouse or Partner – A surviving spouse or partner retains the same category of membership and rights previously enjoyed, as long as the qualifications for Active membership are met. Dues shall remain the same as an active member.

2. With the addition of new Article V, the following Articles shall be renumbered as follows:
Article V to VI
Article VI to VII
Article VII to VIII
Article VIII to IX
Article IX to X
Article X to XI
Article XI to XII
Article XII to XIII
Article XIII to XIV
Article XIV to XV
Article XV to XVI
Article XVI to XVII

3. Change Article IX, now X, OFFICERS Section E, National Director.
Change the third sentence to read – “Because of the extensive costs associated with representing the MWC chapter at National meetings of the FMCA Governing Board, the National Director shall be reimbursed a stipend of $150.00 dollars for representing the MWC chapter in business meetings held at the FMCA National meetings. This reimbursement may vary, as determined by the Executive Board, based on the current budget.

4. In Article IX (now X), Add the following sentences to the duties of the Treasurer. “The Treasurer shall also file each year, form 990 and any other forms required by the IRS. The Audit Committee shall consist of three active members, appointed by the President, to review the financial status of the chapter and report to the membership at the annual meeting.”

5. Under Article IX Officers: Section F. Alternate National Director
In the last sentence, to read. “If neither the National Director nor the Alternate National Director is able to attend, a Temporary Delegate may be appointed by the President to represent the Midwest Coachmen chapter at the meetings of the FMCA Governing Board.”

~ a chapter of the FMCA

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