President’s summary of Membership

The majority of respondents to the survey felt that the Chapter was organized in an efficient fashion to facilitate its operation. Most of the respondents were long time members of the chapter.

While some felt the need for a change in the current bylaws the majority did not agree. Of concern, was that several had not received a copy of the bylaws and that they should be posted on the website for access.

The majority felt that the rallies were generally meeting their needs, but more social time activities as well as coach identification placards could help to better identify members and foster communications.

The majority of respondents indicated a willingness to travel 100 miles or more to a rally. Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Michigan were the states members would be willing to visit. State Park rallies pulled a 50/50 response depending on the facilities and costs. Respondents preferred private campgrounds and fairgrounds to dry camping.

Respondents would like to see more games, crafts and entertainment planned at rallies to enhance group participation.

A majority does not want to pay more than $15.00 for a rally fee. Meal preferences were across the board with potlucks, cookouts, catered meals and eating out in restaurants all seeming favorable to members.

Members want to meet with friends at rallies, enjoy social activities and also have planned rally activities.

We were split on the size of rallies, which have averaged 28-30 coaches over the years, but that number appears to be decreasing of late.

The majority of members, that responded, have hosted a rally, and we were split on utilizing the assistance of experienced rally masters to help with a rally. It would appear that we have a limited number of members willing to host a rally and that there is a core group that hosts rallies each year.

Access to the MWC website continues to be a problem. Many are on the site only monthly or never. But by the same token almost all have access to a computer and the internet. This raises the question that the website needs to be easier to access by members if we are going to rapidly increase communications. Also the need to provide training on website access as well as utilization of the MWC Facebook page.
The Newsletter appears to be the primary source of information by our members as well as person to person contact.

Most felt that it was important for the Nat. Director to have specific input from the membership or Executive Board prior to a vote on a National (FMCA) issue or election.
The majority of respondents have been members of the club for over 5 years.

There were many positives and negatives listed regarding our rallies and we will use this information to seek improvements to our chapter during the next and succeeding years.

2014 member survey full version

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