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First my apology for not getting newsletter done earlier. I returned home from GLAMARAMA 2015 with muscle problems on both sides which caused major discomfort for June and July. Over time and using caution I am now able to enjoy no health issues and really am thankful.

What a great area rally everyone enjoyed at Goshen, Indiana in June. Thanks so much to all the volunteers and especially the chairs and assistant chairs that work so hard for months to get all of it to happen. Luckily the weather chair made the event perfect so that all attendees were out and about to experience the entire rally. While reviewing the 203 completed exit surveys our overall grade was 4.46 out of 5.0! (About 50% of the attendees completed the exit survey.) Again WOW!

Work has already started on the 2016 rally and hitting 5.0 on the survey is my goal. From the completed exit surveys you will see changes made to the schedule and the menu along with 3 nights of entertainment. All performances will be a first for FMCA events and I promise you that everyone will be leaving at night with a smile! Having the 2016 rally at Goshen from June 8th through 12th will complete locating the event there until some future time.

The extras (arriving early, extra vendor bucks and catered dinner) that the volunteers enjoyed during 2015 will be repeated in 2016. The volunteers truly make the area rally possible and so many have come to realize what a great way to make friends and memories. Spread the word to those you may know that they too can join this group next year. I will always need another volunteer to help!

There will not be a GLAMARAMA rally 2017 since the summer convention was approved by the Governing Board members to be held at Indianapolis, IN. More details about this at a later time.

In July three of the eight GLAMA board members visited possible future sites in Michigan. (We are still hoping to use Allen County Fairgrounds located at Lima, Ohio but this facility may not be ready for 2018.) Members had referred us to St. Joseph County Grange Fairgrounds at Centreville, Michigan and also Allegan County Fairgrounds located at Allegan, Michigan. Both facilities have the strong points and room for improvement but Allegan County has 30 and 50 amp sites and the

GLAMA news

latest newsOn Monday, May 19, 2015 Great Lakes Area MotorCoach Association (GLAMA) representatives Jane Roush (President), Pat Lintner (Senior Vice President) and wife Vickie, Dick Montgomery (Michigan Regional Vice President), Mike Wiese, Parking Chair and wife Sherrie, Ken Lewis (Assistant Parking Chair) and Doug Erman (local member of GLAMA) attended a meeting at Allen County Fairgrounds to discuss plans concerning the facility being a future site of the GLAMA rally with David Grimm, General Manager of Allen County Fairground, Lima, Ohio and Tim Singhouse, fairgrounds employee; Fairground Board President Dan Kimmet and Gary Kramer, Fairground Board representative; and Brad Core and Doug Ditto, Core Consulting Engineers.

David Grimm began the meeting by advising us that he had just heard from the Ohio Department of Health concerning the variance request he had sent to them for a proposed RV rally. (During the initial meeting held in October, 2014 the GLAMA board members stated the variance must be in writing before any further consideration could take place.) The Ohio Department of Health had several questions that David Grimm answered and he feels that he will be getting the variance soon.
Brad Core and Doug Ditto heard our requests concerning what our needs are to be able to park in the West lot (maximum up to 3 inch difference from side to side in 20 feet and maximum up to 4 inch difference from front to back with 40 feet length at each site). They had not been given this information before this meeting.

The entire group proceeded to take an outside tour of the West lot and also inspect an open lot next to the current campground that is used for car parking. With the guidance provided mainly by Dick Montgomery, Mike Wiese and Ken Lewis the board members, Dave Grimm and engineers spoke about possibilities of how to change the terrain and make it motor home friendly. They felt the meeting was a definite success and gave them a better idea of what is needed so that the changes made to that area are usable for all types of recreational vehicles and could be utilized for several events throughout the year by the fairgrounds which would benefit the local economy.

Dave Grimm promised that we would have answers concerning variance and leveling of terrain by end of July, 2015.

We did state that there has been 2 fairgrounds recently located in Michigan that are being considered to be used for future area rallies.

Jane Roush, President, GLAMA

Winners of the free GLAMA rally

Michigan Knights of the Highway and Midwest Coachmen held a joint 50th anniversary celebration rally this past weekend.  GLAMA gave a free rally to a member of each chapter.

F064039, Clare and Isedeane Applebee from the Michigan Knights
F223975, Lynn and Mary Gilmore from the Midwest Coachmen
were the lucky winners.
Thank you
Jane Roush, President,

We spoke and they listened

I have been in contact with the board of GLAMA and all presidents of the GLAMA chapters.  The overwhelming vote is to leave GLAMA as its own area.  As an area we have just recently started organizing and holding our own area rally and through it the chapters have become united and enjoying great camaraderie.
What really excited me through all this process is the positive feedback from most of the chapters and their members.  The GLAMA members are very happy with the direction we have taken and want to see it continued.
My understanding is this proposed merger can not be pursued.
Jane Roush, President,

Urgent message: please respond ASAP!

urgentI was asked by Jane Roush, Glama President, to poll members about the issue of merging the Midwest area and the Great Lakes Area. I need your input soon! E-mail me or call 419-332-5420. I have no idea as to the rationale. I can assume that it is financial.        Ken K. ****************************************************************************** Earlier this month the FMCA Review Council representative met with Bob Nebel, AVP of Midwest Area and myself and stated that every five years the Review Council review the areas within FMCA.  It has been suggested that Midwest and Great Lakes Area MotorCoach Association be consolidated into one area.

Midwest has 28 chapters and there are currently 21 chapters in the Great Lakes Area.

Midwest Area consists of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin and two provinces in Canada – Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

As Presidents in GLAMA I am asking you to contact your chapter members and give me your chapter’s response to the idea.  If possible please give me your feedback within 10 days.
Thanks again for stepping forward and leading your chapter this year.
Jane Roush, President, GLAMA