Hot off the Press! Important Updates

President’s Message
“After the first rally and Important updates”

It’s hard to believe that our first rally of the 2014 season is history and we move forward to our second rally planned for May 15-18, 2014 at the Summit County Fairgrounds in Talmadge, Ohio.
We had 25 coaches in attendance along with guests, Neil and Tammy Hanger and their son J.R. from Newark, Ohio and Paul and Arlene Richardson, who recently sold their coach, joined us for dinner on Saturday evening.
A special guest, Jane Roush, President of GLAMA and her husband Roger, joined us for dinner and held an impromptu session on Glamarama 2014 and other FMCA issues back at the campground. It is important for MWC members to register for the Rally with 30 amp service and general parking, if you want to camp with the MWC group. If you desire 50 amp and full hookups or handicapped parking, you will not be parked with the group.
I NEED TO GIVE A NUMBER OF MWC COACHES ATTENDING TO THE PARKING PEOPLE WITHIN THE NEXT WEEK OR SO. IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO ATTEND, CALL ME AT 419-332-5420 OR E-MAIL AT KMKERIK@ GMAIL.COM. I have started a list to provide to Rick Hahn so he can plan for our arrivals and area to be reserved for the MWC.
Since our site will be reserved, we will not caravan into the fairgrounds. You will only need to identify yourself as a MWC member and be on the list and you will be parked in our reserved sites.
Volunteers are also needed for the rally. I have a list with individuals who have selected a particular area which they would volunteer. You can be a volunteer for the following areas: Parking; Security; Seminars; Registration tables; Book Exchange; Cooking/Baking; Crafts; Food; Golf Carts; FMCA Store; and selling 50/50 tickets. If you are interested in volunteering, please let me know so I can get your names to the person in charge of a specific duty.
We will receive credit for our hours worked and any excess $ at the end of the rally will be divided among the chapters in this manner.
The July rally will be held at the Richland County Fairgrounds in Mansfield, Ohio on July 24-27, 2014.
The August rally at the Tall Timbers Campground in Port Clinton, Ohio on August 20-23, 2014 will have a “first come/first camped” policy due to an Air Show being held in Pt. Clinton that same weekend. Only the first 30 to register will be accommodated. (Sorry) You need to contact Ray Taylor at 419-355-3673 (cell) or 419-332-8668 (home) to reserve a site. Ray has reservations for nineteen (19) coaches as of this date.
The September 11-13, 2014 rally location has been changed from East Harbor State Park to the Seneca County Fairgrounds in Tiffin, Ohio. Larry and Brenda Baker are hosting this rally. An updated rally schedule can be found elsewhere in this newsletter.
All officers of MWC are open for election at our annual meeting in September this year. If you are interested in running for an office, please contact our Nominating Committee members, Ray Taylor, Pat Bisson and Dave Gottfried to express your desire to serve. All terms will start with the January 1, 2015 year.
Please check out our NEW Website at Lynda Kiliany has worked hard to address the issues of accessibility and passwords etc. expressed by our membership. It’s a great looking site with current information, rally schedules and other info for our members. You do not need a password to log on. Try it and you will be surprised! Thanks Lynda for all those sleepless nights and frustrating issues.
We are also on Facebook and Ty Kolbe has created a site for MWC members only. This is an interactive site where you can post news, pictures and info for members only. You need to be invited to utilize the site. Contact Ty for more info. There are currently about a dozen MWC members using it.
A summary of the Membership survey was provided to members and is also included in this newsletter for your info. We have been working on solving many of the concerns of members expressed in the survey.
And lastly, we had a moment of silence for deceased members, Roberta Taylor, Lynn McHenry and Tim Fowler. We miss them all, but still welcome the participation of their spouses Ray, Don and Mary, who is expected to visit at our May rally .
There’s more that I could expand upon, but this is enough for now.
Be safe and healthy!

President Ken


MWC Presidents Message Spring 2014 Adobe pdf copy

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