June 2017

From the President
WOW!!! Where is the spring and summer going??? Here we are almost mid-June already and the season is half over!! Such a super busy time and haven’t seen some of the Midwest folks as yet!! April Rally at Indian Lake was wind and rain, and a relatively small group .. May at Sauder Village brought twice as many of us together and of course…..Rain (which seems to find us at some point almost every time) LOL and Wind….(oh my….so windy some of us couldn’t even put out our slides for fear of ripping awnings off…and then there was the “COLD”, we all thought we were camping in late November rather than late spring..but we still managed to have an awesome time together as we always do.. and absolutely no lack of places to EAT.. which we all seem to do well. We even got a fantastic campfire in on Saturday night and even the weather seemed to start co-operating so that we could fellowship together. That brings us to June and an opportunity to go to Michigan..haven’t heard any news on it, but I am sure a great time was had by all that had the chance to attend. Ray and I were not able to go but did have a wonderful time celebrating with his friends at his 50th High School Class Reunion. They are a great bunch and some of them even remind me of a few of our Midwest friends..maybe we can talk them into getting an RV and joining us!!!

As we get to the business side of things, we did discuss some things of importance to our Midwest Members… At the upcoming International Convention at Indianapolis, Indiana, there will be a major item on the voting table…..that is…whether we, the members of FMCA, would consider allowing towables to join us in membership. Please read the entire letter about how this would help our organization from FMCA National President Charlie Adcock that has run in the last two issues of the FMCA. Be sure to let us (your board), know your yeas or nays so we can inform our National Director (Sallie Hosack) before the meeting in Indianapolis. Another item brought forth was that Allen and Sharon Jackson, who have published our membership directories for several years, are no longer able to continue because of other obligations, so we immediately went on the search of new folks to take over that task….AND!! around the campfire we lured some NEW FRIENDS (who were actually attending their very first rally with us)…to takeover……WELCOME Jim and Charlotte Godsey who graciously accepted this job. Charlotte has a lot of experience that coincides with this type of job. Allen has agreed to help in any way he can to make a smooth transition. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Allen and Sharon for all they did to keep the directories up to date. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,!!!!! and…..get back to Midwest camping soon!! WE MISS YOU. We also, passed a vote to make Don and Lois Shook lifetime members of Midwest Coachmen. They have been with members of Midwest Coachmen since 1986. Even though they will not be traveling anymore, we feel they are a permanent part of our group and should be honored as such. That is all I have to share with you all for now…but will catch up after the National with any exciting happenings. Again, if any of you have anything you’d like me to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me either by email at Bowenraycher@frontier.com or best of all stop in for some coffee and a chat!!!

Ray and I both agree (which is a feat in itself) that our ultimate goal is JUST HAVE FUN !!! Till our paths cross down the road……

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