President’s Message


As I pull some thoughts together for this message, we are babysitting my granddaughter who has a 105 degree temp. and sounds like she has the “croup”. We are headed to the Doctor’s office this afternoon for some prescription meds.

Needless to say, flu season is in bloom, although the temperatures have moderated for the past three days, and we should reach 52 today. I hope that those of you who have wisely headed south or west to a warmer climate have arrived safely and are enjoying the warmer weather.

The December 6th Christmas Dinner was attended by 46 of our members at Der Dutchmen Restaurant in Belleville. Our hosts, Alan and Sharon Jackson arranged for a delicious Amish buffet and we were able to update attendees on MWC happenings and recognize winter birthaversaries.

The 2015 Rally Schedule was announced by Steve Juliano, Rally coordinator. You may find it already on our MWC website just by clicking in and also in this newsletter. We start our rally season in April at the Crawford County fairgrounds, hosted by the Trash’s.

A few weeks later we’ll be celebrating our 50th anniversary with the Michigan Knights at the Fulton County fairgrounds. As I have learned historic information on our chapter, I have been posting items of interest on our website and on Facebook. I hope that you have an opportunity to learn some of this history with me, because it is important that we learn what and who we are celebrating during those past 50 years.
A reminder to get your registrations in early for the celebration as we need a numbers count as soon as we can to complete our planning. Many FMCA officials will be attending and Charlie Adcock, President, has sent his and Gloria’s registration. Our first MWC President, Charlie Owens and his wife, Jean will also be attending.

We have ordered a MWC 50th Anniversary brick at the RV/MH Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana. It will be located in the FMCA section. For those attending the Glamara 2015 rally in June, GLAMA will be paying for admission to the HOF, if you wear your rally badge. You will be able to view the Tim Fowler Memorial brick and our 50th celebration brick, if you attend.

Those of you planning to attend the FL Valentine Dinner, it is on 2/13 at 2PM at Homers Restaurant in Sebring. Please call the Bissons by 2/7/15 if you will be attending.

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