Quiz Time

Since our 50th anniversary is just around the corner next year,  I thought I would test you all with some little known facts about MWC in the early years. — KenQUIZ

1.  How did the name “Midwest Coachmen” come to be?
2.   What was the official date of its charter with FMCA?

Midwest Coachmen was officially chartered on April 10, 1965 as a Chapter of FMCA. MWC did exist prior to that date and was one of the “founding fathers” of FMCA along with the Michigan Knights and the Northeastern Chapter.
A ballot was taken to come up with the name, MWC. There was a group in California called the Royal Coachmen at the time and “Coachmen” became a popular term in the 40’s and 50’s. Hence, “Midwest Coachmen” was taken as our official name.
Back in those days, the majority of units were converted Flxible Buses and MWC members spent time at rallies helping each other convert the buses to “house cars”. Rallies would see members doing engine and transmission swaps and installing Servel refrigerators (forerunner of Dometic) in their units.

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Pres. Ken


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