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by-lawsProposed Changes to the Midwest Coachmen
Revision No. 3
This revision is proposed to update the current bylaws, by adding an Article V, Membership Categories, clarifying the reimbursement of the National Director, clarifying the appointment of a temporary delegate, expanding on the duties of the Treasurer and renumbering of the various Articles due to the changes made.

1. A new Article V would be created entitled Membership Categories. It follows Article IV, Membership and clarifies the categories of membership and adds four new categories: Social, Life, Commercial, and Surviving Spouse or Partner to be added to the Active and Associate memberships.
Article V would read:
Midwest Coachmen shall be comprised of the following membership categories:

a) Active Membership – is any family unit or individual(s), each holding, at least a one third ownership of a qualifying motor coach, and has been issued a specific FMCA number. Active members shall have the right to vote, hold office in FMCA, a chapter or an Area Association (GLAMA), and display the FMCA emblem. Dues for the FMCA membership and Midwest Coachmen membership shall be currently paid, as determined by the FMCA and Midwest Coachmen.

b) Associate Member – is an FMCA member who no longer owns a qualifying motor coach, but continues to pay full dues to the FMCA and Midwest Coachmen chapter. Associate members, shall not be eligible to vote or hold elective office.

c) Life Member – is a member who has rendered significant service to F.M.C.A., the Midwest Coachmen chapter, or the Great Lakes Area Motor Coach Association over an extended period of time. Life membership can bestowed upon an individual(s) by the Executive Board with the approval of the membership. Life members shall enjoy all the benefits of membership but are not required to pay FMCA or MWC dues. An example of a Life member, could be a past officer of the chapter or FMCA, or an individual who has served the chapter in such a capacity to enhance its mission.

d) Social Member – is a member who no longer owns a qualifying motor coach and does not desire to pay dues to FMCA. A retired member shall be required to pay Midwest Coachmen dues in the amount of one half the annual dues of active members. Retired members are not eligible to vote or hold elective office in the chapter.

e) Commercial Member – is a member who owns or engages in a business or activity that supports the motor coach lifestyle. Examples would include RV dealers, suppliers, campground owners, service providers, or organizations that provide services to the RV industry or its members. Dues for commercial membership shall be set at $50.00 per year.

f) Surviving Spouse or Partner – A surviving spouse or partner retains the same category of membership and rights previously enjoyed, as long as the qualifications for Active membership are met. Dues shall remain the same as an active member.

2. With the addition of new Article V, the following Articles shall be renumbered as follows:
Article V to VI
Article VI to VII
Article VII to VIII
Article VIII to IX
Article IX to X
Article X to XI
Article XI to XII
Article XII to XIII
Article XIII to XIV
Article XIV to XV
Article XV to XVI
Article XVI to XVII

3. Change Article IX, now X, OFFICERS Section E, National Director.
Change the third sentence to read – “Because of the extensive costs associated with representing the MWC chapter at National meetings of the FMCA Governing Board, the National Director shall be reimbursed a stipend of $150.00 dollars for representing the MWC chapter in business meetings held at the FMCA National meetings. This reimbursement may vary, as determined by the Executive Board, based on the current budget.

4. In Article IX (now X), Add the following sentences to the duties of the Treasurer. “The Treasurer shall also file each year, form 990 and any other forms required by the IRS. The Audit Committee shall consist of three active members, appointed by the President, to review the financial status of the chapter and report to the membership at the annual meeting.”

5. Under Article IX Officers: Section F. Alternate National Director
In the last sentence, to read. “If neither the National Director nor the Alternate National Director is able to attend, a Temporary Delegate may be appointed by the President to represent the Midwest Coachmen chapter at the meetings of the FMCA Governing Board.”

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