Spring 2016 President’s message

President's message

With our 2016 opening rally under our belts, it’s time to look forward to a very busy rally year with several special events planned.

Even moving our initial rally to a later date, we were plagued with colder weather and rain dominating our activities. Our hosts Roger and Martha Boice preplanned the rally and due to a family emergency had to fly to California to be with Roger’s mother. The last communication we had from them indicated that she was not doing well and they may be there until the end of May. It has been a very difficult experience for them and we wish them God’s love and guidance during this time.

They passed the baton to their neighbors, Wayne and Peggy Flower, who were unable to attend the rally due to the illness of Peggy. Our rally coordinator, Steve and Gerry Juliano, arranged for Ray and Cheryl Bowen to meet them and pick up the supplies and materials needed for the rally. The Julianos were unable to attend due to their coach not being de-winterized and necessary repairs made. The Bowens jumped right in and passed out rally packets, and got special instructions for the rally to Marilyn and me.

With the help of our members, we had a successful rally with 18 coaches in attendance and over 42 members attending the Saturday dinner at the Amish Door in Wilmot. Guests included Paul Fish and Shirley, Clem and Sally, Lynn and Mary Gilmore, and Ray and Lynda Kiliany. The rally concluded with our first business meeting of 2016 and the sun decided to make an appearance as we were leaving. We did talk to interested folks in MWC, who were camping at Evergreen, and supplied information to them on our chapter and rally schedule.

Those of you who have registered for our next Rally (GLAMARAMA 16) June 8-12, please be sure that I know that you will be there. I have to provide a list of MWC members, by name, to the parking folks so that we can be parked together. I must do this by May 25. So send me an e- mail or call me at 419-332-5420. So far, I have seventeen coaches with (34) names of MWC members attending.

I just received word from the Michigan Knights, that sites at the Midland campground are still available. You must use a different new number (989) 496-3151 to register. Information on the Tall Ships Festival at Bay City can be gotten by calling (989) 895-5193 or online at tallshipcelebration.com. The camping fee is $35. per night and a $15. Rally fee will need to be sent to me. I will submit the registration forms with the fees to Kathy DuCharme for our group.

This rally runs from July 15-17 and is a joint rally with the Michigan Knights of the Highway.

The Mosquito Lake Rally, June 23-26, hosted by Bruce Horsfall, will be held at Jan’s Campground in Cortland, Ohio. More information on this rally and a registration form and directions will be made available on our website and this newsletter.

Our August rally/trip will run from August 19-28 and will be based out of the Black Bear Campground in Salisbury, Massachusetts. You must call 1-978-462-3183 to reserve a site or you can register online at reservations@blackbearcamping.com. Reservation can be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the rally. You can make a deposit via credit card and pay the remainder upon arrival. The latest information on sites was that there were only 20 pull-thru sites left. To date nine coaches have registered with the campground.

Another joint rally will be held from September 7-10 with the Tri state Traveliers (TST) at the Lively Lady Campground in Aberdeen, Ohio. More information on this rally will also be posted in our website. Our host for this rally will be Fuzzy Overbeck, President of TST with some help from Fred Dudding, MWC and TST member.

At the end of September29-Oct. 2, we will end our year at Fort Loramie State Park in Minster, Ohio. Jerry and Margene Dwenger will be our hosts. We will be electing new officers for 2017 and taking care of last minute business.

As I indicated in my opening remarks, we have an unusual rally schedule with two joint rallies, two rallies in June, a ten day rally trip to the Boston area, and our final rally in a state park at the end of September.

We have finally found a member to serve as our National Director. Sally Hosack, from Findlay, will be nominated for election at one of our next business meetings. Her husband, Bill, will also be nominated for the alternate National Director position. To that end, the membership approved a change to our bylaws to allow a stipend to be paid to the National Director of a nominal amount of $150.00 to be reimbursed for attending the Governing Board meeting at the FMCA National conference each year. There has been no reimbursement for the National Director until this change.

The nominating committee has begun its task of nominating individuals to serve in leadership positions in our Chapter. Cheryl Bowen, Dave Gottfried, and Pat Bisson are looking for members to serve as President and Vice-President. These are the only positions with term limits. The National Director position will be filled as will the alternate National Director. Al Jackson is looking for someone to take over the Membership Directory duties. Interested individuals can contact Al to see what all is involved.

The membership approved several changes to the Bylaws. I will report on these separately in the newsletter, as there are many details to report on.

See you all at GLAMARAMA 16, in Goshen, Indiana. We will have an abbreviated meeting on Thursday afternoon. Marilyn and I will provide pizza and soft drinks at the pavilion designated for MWC. Watch for the signs to determine which pavilion is ours.

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