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Deadline for 50th Anniversary Rally Registration


50th Anniversary

The Registration Deadline for the 50th Anniversary Celebration is May 6, 2015.

Make checks payable to
Midwest Knights and send
reservations to:

P.O. BOX 401
419-233-4713 / DOUG ERMAN

Cancellation Policy: We refund the
entire rally fee if cancellation is made
before the deadline as stated on
registration form. After the deadline,
one-half of the rally fees will be
refunded but no refund for meals.

Our History

1960sHi Everyone!

I wanted to reconstruct the history of MWC for our 50th celebration, but found that there was no written history of the club in our archives, but only in the memories of some of our old-timers. Those recollections took me back to the 70’s, but no one really had the founding dates, place etc. from the 60’s.

I have been in contact with FMCA and luckily found Charlie Owens, our first President and his wife Jean, in Indianapolis, who have tried to bring me up to date on those “prehistoric” years, as Charlie calls them. Charlie and Jean, well into their 80’s, are planning on coming to our celebration in May to share some of their stories. His son is working on transferring the 35mm slides, that Charlie has, to a cd so that we will be able to continuously show them during the celebration. In the collection are pictures of the first rally held at Whitewater State Park in Indiana, to organize and eventually incorporate MWC as a chapter of FMCA.

Attached is a brief summary(second draft) of what I was able to capture as the early history of MWC. I want to place it on our website so that it will be in a more permanent location for those interested. We will also have the cd and other memorabilia that Charlie is willing to part with. I have the first three copies of the FMCA magazine that also talks about MWC, the Michigan Knights and the Northeastern chapters.

If you have additional information on those early years, please contact me. I hope you enjoy reading this brief summary. I was amazed what they were able to do with very little resources.



Choose one of the links below for the full  report (5 pages)

History of MWC (pdf file)

History of MWC (docx file)

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1965photo from a Midwest Coachmen rally in the 1960s

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50 Years of FMCA Chapters

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Quiz Time

Since our 50th anniversary is just around the corner next year,  I thought I would test you all with some little known facts about MWC in the early years. — KenQUIZ

1.  How did the name “Midwest Coachmen” come to be?
2.   What was the official date of its charter with FMCA?

Midwest Coachmen was officially chartered on April 10, 1965 as a Chapter of FMCA. MWC did exist prior to that date and was one of the “founding fathers” of FMCA along with the Michigan Knights and the Northeastern Chapter.
A ballot was taken to come up with the name, MWC. There was a group in California called the Royal Coachmen at the time and “Coachmen” became a popular term in the 40’s and 50’s. Hence, “Midwest Coachmen” was taken as our official name.
Back in those days, the majority of units were converted Flxible Buses and MWC members spent time at rallies helping each other convert the buses to “house cars”. Rallies would see members doing engine and transmission swaps and installing Servel refrigerators (forerunner of Dometic) in their units.

Be ready for the next question!
Pres. Ken