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GLAMA News-important note regarding FMC Assist

From: Jim Koenig, GLAMARAMA Communications Chair

Date: Fri, Aug 15, 2014 at 10:08 PM
Subject: {GLAMARAMARV} FMCA Governing Board Preliminary Announcement To: glamaramarv@googlegroups.com

Want to real quick let everyone know the results of the Governing Board Meeting held Wednesday, August 13th here at Redmond. The main 3 issues voted on during the meeting:
1) The Immediate Past President will remain on the Executive Board. (There was a proposed change to a P&P to remove this person.)

2) The Executive Board members will now be allowed to decide their own means of transportation to the national conventions and the meetings held at Cincinnati. The current P&P stated that each EB member had to travel by the least cost effective method. (The difference between traveling by RV versus flight, hotel, rental car was very little.)

The same P&P also now states that the EB members will be reimbursed twice the current IRS rate for mileage. (Please note that the EB members have elected not to use twice the current IRS rate since this would mean we would only be able to travel half the distance before our budget would be depleted )

3) Third important item was FMC Assist. After a great presentation by Ned Boston giving complete details and much discussion the vote was taken and FMC Assist has been added as a benefit to all FMCA members. The Governing Board voted that for payment of this benefit we would use investment funds. This will go into effect 10/1/2014. Watch the October magazine for additional information.

I will send more later but please let all your members know these important facts as soon as possible. Jane Roush, President, GLAMA