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National Director’s Report

MWC National Directors Update

By Sallie Hosack

I attended my first FMCA National Convention held in W. Springfield, NY. Things got accomplished in record time, only 3 ½ hours. All motions regarding the budget were approved. Approval was also given to the continued relationship with the FMCA Medical Emergency and Travel Assist Program. Motions to maintain a relationship with RVillage were also passed.

Membership continues to trend upward in part with the RVillage connections. Finances are on an upward trend and membership non-renewals are down.

Emphasis was placed on chapter notification of changes in their rosters as soon as possible. There was approved a $10.00 dues increase effective October 1, 2016.

The Governing Board bestowed the Kenneth T. Scott Pipe Dream’s Award to Jean Pryor, L12913. The Robert Richter Award was given to John Calvo, F25500. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Darrell Gilliland, F153488.

The Executive Board will continue to not take a per diem when traveling by coach beginning April 1, 2016 and through the remainder of 2017. The Governing Board also approved the use of Beacon Truck Wash coupons on a trial basis for members.

I am privileged to represent MWC at these annual meetings and will attempt to keep everyone informed via our Newsletter and business meetings.

For more information on this meeting, you can contact me directly at bizowner53@gmail.com.